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We distribute European food supplements, oral care and healthy food products accessible to the people in the Philippines.

Food Supplements

Happiness comes along with strong health. One of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in Europe with global recognition of more than 50 successful brands. Each manufactured product undergoes a strict and demanding process to guarantee the highest quality for the well-being of patients and ensure the overall development of pharmaceutical industry.

Oral Care

All SPLAT products and ideas help people in more than 70 countries around the world from Europe to India, the Middle East, Asia, and Turkey to be healthy, confident, easy to communicate and enjoy life.


MAKFA pasta is manufactured from hard wheat varieties (so called “durum”). A high gluten content promotes slower digestion of food based on durum wheat, smoother intake of glucose from starch in the intestines, and longer maintenance of blood sugar levels. Thus, foods from durum wheat have a slightly lower glycemic index than those from regular wheat. According to the Mediterranean diet pyramid, pasta is a product recommended for daily consumption.


The brand Dr.Körner combines 100% natural products for a healthy lifestyle made of the most wholesome cereals. Dr.Körner products provide a modern basis for a healthy diet.The healthiest and best-tasting foods for those, who look after their health without giving up pleasures!