MAKFA Bronze Spaghetti

MAKFA Bronze Spaghetti

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    Bronze Spaghetti

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We produce our pasta with perfect thickness and  texture to cook the perfect pasta dishes similar to renowned chefs right in your kitchen. Unique shapes of our pasta inspire to create masterpieces dining in 5-20 minutes. MAKFA is not just pasta. It is the «chef`s pasta».

Top-grade durum wheat flour for pasta

Product properties:

  • Nutrition facts and energy – 356 kcal/1508 kJ
  • GMO-free
  • from 100% durum wheat
  • no additives and colors
  • contains gluten
  • Protein 13 g
  • Made with bronze die
  • Absorbs more sauce

Watch a video about advantages of bronze die vs the 99% of other pasta’s teflon die:

More info on MAKFA Livingood series can be found at:

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