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SPLAT toothpaste for children aged 0-3

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SPLAT toothpaste for children aged 0-3

  • Brand name

    SPLAT flavoured toothpaste for children aged 0-3 baby

  • Weight

    40 ml

  • Sku name

    APPLE-BANANA with finger toothbrush

SPLAT Natural toothpaste for babies 0-3 years old

Splat Baby is an effective, 99.3% natural and safe to swallow baby toothpaste for total cavity protection. It strengthens tooth enamel, protects gums and reduces sensitivity during teething. Its effectiveness has been clinically proven.

  • Lucatol effectively protects against cavities and dental plaque. Herbal Extracts of Chamomile, Calendula, Cranberry, Aloe Vera gel and L‑Arginine provide soothing effects. When combined with an Extract of Prickly Pears, these ingredients help to reduce gum sensitivity and provide pleasant feeling during teeth brushing. A mild cleaning base – dicalcium phosphate dihydrate – carefully removes soft plaque, while liquorice extract prevents it from reoccurring. Calcium hydroxyapatite (HAP) (contained in Apple-Banana toothpaste) intensively strengthens enamel.
  • Apple-Banana Flavour
  • Comes with silicon finger brush

Free From
Mint, fluoride, parabens, SLS/SLES, triclosan, chlorhexidine, aggressive abrasives, synthetic dyes and fragrances, alcohol, peroxides, alcohol ethoxylates, saccharin, GMO, gluten, refined petroleum products.

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